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Bamboo Vinegar:

SEEK Organic BamBoo Power BBP No. 11 is Bamboo Vinegar. It is a reddish-brown liquid, obtained by condensing the water volatile organics, released during the high temperature (~ 600 °C) pyrolysis. BBP No. 11 is made up of more than 200 organic components, including organic acids, esters, alcohols, phenols, ketones, aldehydes, etc. BBP No. 11 is certified as 100% organic by IMO according to EC and USDA regulations.


  1. BBP No. 11 partially sterilizes the soil and reduces bacterial, fungal and insect pest infestations
  2. BBP No. 11 acts as a synergist in both, soil and foliar applications and dramatically reduces the use of other pesticides by increasing the efficacy of both, organic and synthetic pesticides
  3. BBP No. 11 used in foliar applications increases the photosynthetic capacity of plants, acting as a growth promoter
  4. BBP No. 11 promotes fruits bud formation and regulates plant growth

Not for sale in California


SEEK Bamboo Wood Vinegar 300 ml $15.00 retail, with shipping $22.00

SEEK Bamboo Wood Vinegar 1 litre $25.00 retail, with shipping $32.00


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