Fescue Saver is a proprietary blend of BioChar, turf grade peet and worm castings that have

been infused with Ambrosia©. FescueSaver is designed to improve turf quality and reduce your

inputs of water and fertilizer. It aids in increasing beneficial soil microbial colonization and

suppresses disease in the root zone. The granular BioChar we use is perfect for use in a drop

spreader or roll spreader application. We use the best turf grade peet that you can find- this is

not your normal sphagnum peet! Of course we had to blend all of the inputs and infuse them

with our secret sauce (Ambrosia) to enhance the biological numbers exponentially! Guaranteed

to stop the nutrient leaching process when applied- FescueSaver applies evenly and goes to

work in your root zone immediately.


25qt – $27.95

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