Organic Solution’s Humate is sourced from the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico from

the Fruitland Formation. It is known for being among the best in the world. It contains a high

Fulvic acid content, low heavy metals and low moisture. Humate is a highly compressed and

naturally organic humus, (the decayed remains of tropical rain forests). Adding Humates is one

of the most efficient ways of increasing the humus content of soil! This terraceutical will give you

increased root growth, improves your soil’s water retention, enhances natural defenses and aids

in increased nutrient uptake. Restore natural balance and achieve optimal plant growth. Our

humate comes in a granulated dry powder form that is completely water soluble for all of your

growing needs. Highly concentrated- a little goes a long way!


1qt – $14.95

6qt – $69.95

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