Organic Solution’s Myccorhizae is a micronized mycorrhizal powder inoculum that works great

in soil and hydroponic mediums. It consists of a blend of spores and endomycorrhizal fungi

species that build a natural microbial system in the root zone which greatly enhances plant

growth and tolerance of environmental extremes. It also increases the root’s ability to absorb

water and nutrients, while improving soil structure and plant yields. Myccorhizae is a

symbiotic relationship between plants and their roots. Being that it’s much smaller than the

plant roots Myccorhizae can inhabit a greater area of soil, providing a larger surface area for

moisture and nutrient absorption! Whether you are creating your own soil blend for your

starts or are transplanting be sure to use Organic Solution’s Myccorhizae.


1qt – $69.95

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