Premium Worm Casting:

Organic Solution’s Premium Worm Castings are the true mother-load of California castings.

Unlike other vermi-farming operations, we are proud of our magnificent and controlled facility.

At the core of our biologically enriched product line are the happiest worms on earth. Our

“Wormployees” are pampered and fed a controlled proprietary diet. It all starts with the cleanest,

composted and screened free-range horse manures, pre-consumer vegetable waste, locally

sourced coffee grounds along with coco-peat and crustacean sea-creature shells, (high chitin-content).

We also fortify their diet with humates, kelp meal and regional rock dust! The end result is

Organic Solution’s Premium Worm Castings, a beautiful humus-like material that contains

the highest saturation of nutrients around.




Ambrosia is an organic liquid microbial innoculum hand crafted in small batches to assure

quality and freshness.  Ambrosia is specially formulated to help plants achieve optimum soil

biology in the root zone. It is full of micronutrients derived from worm castings that allow

your plants to fully digest nutrients in the soil. You can use Ambrosia in your soil medium

or hydroponic system each time that you water. This miracle elixir is concentrated so a little

goes a long way and it will never burn or harm your plants. Unlike compost tea, Ambrosia

is an extract made from 100% worm castings and is not activated meaning that we have

not introduced any food groups. This makes Ambrosia extremely stable! Use Ambrosia

as your base when making compost tea! Starting out with a base line of biological liquid

instead of plain water will cut your brew time down by 12 hours. Make sure you use Organic

Solution’s Compost Tea Kits for a perfect brew every time!



Kelp Meal:

Kelp Meal is derived from dried and ground Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed.

Organic Kelp Meal has an excellent source of micronutrients and beneficial plant

growth promoters- on average supplying around 60 minerals, 21 amino acids and

12 vitamins. Kelp also provides sources of nitrogen, potassium, micro-nutrients,

carbohydrates and essential plant hormones. It’s a great input for all your planting

needs! Kelp meal will enhance plant nutrition and improve overall plant vigor.



Crab Shell:

Organic Solution’s Natural Crab shell is an incredible natural source of Calcium (23%)

and Magnesium (1.33%). The Chitin in the Crab shell stimulates soil organisms causing

them to secrete enzymes called chitinases. These enzymes degrade chitin, which in turn

makes it a natural biopesticide that is non-toxic! Adding Crab shell to your soil will also

protect from bad nematode and fungus problems alike.



Fescue Saver:

Fescue Saver is a proprietary blend of BioChar, turf grade peet and worm castings that have

been infused with Ambrosia©. FescueSaver is designed to improve turf quality and reduce your

inputs of water and fertilizer. It aids in increasing beneficial soil microbial colonization and

suppresses disease in the root zone. The granular BioChar we use is perfect for use in a drop

spreader or roll spreader application. We use the best turf grade peet that you can find- this is

not your normal sphagnum peet! Of course we had to blend all of the inputs and infuse them

with our secret sauce (Ambrosia) to enhance the biological numbers exponentially! Guaranteed

to stop the nutrient leaching process when applied- FescueSaver applies evenly and goes to

work in your root zone immediately.




Great ideas never get old. Organic Solution’s SuperChar is a 21st Century application of

an age-old soil solution. At its core is Biochar- a natural amendment that improves soil

structure, reduces erosion and is the only amendment to last hundreds of years in your

soil. Here’s how it works: BioChar is a fine-grain charcoal material whose structure is a

microscopic honeycomb. Each tiny compartment provides a permanent home for beneficial

soil bacteria while also storing moisture and fundamental nutrients. Organic Solution’s

SuperChar is 80% biochar pre-inoculated with our worm castings, humate, rock dust,

crab shell and Ambrosia. The super charged pores now have no reason to pull existing

nutrients from the soil, allowing for an immediate uptake from your plants! The improved

structure of SuperChar amended soil not only reduces your fertilizer requirements, it also

modifies the climatic and environmental impacts on your land. SuperChar creates a soil

carbon pool that is carbon-negative!



Rock Dust:

California Basalt Deposit aka (CBD) is California rock dust- originating from Basalt. Our rock

dust is your best choice for re-mineralizing your soil! It contains a broad range of trace minerals

like Boron, Copper and Manganese that are normally lacking in soils. Plants with an abundance

of minerals in their growing medium grow bigger, healthier and ultimately tastier! Rock dust aids

in creating more organic matter which helps soil hold together for better retention of nutrients.

So go ahead and revitalize your soil by adding our CBD into your organic gardening toolbox.

Your plants will thank you!



Sea 90:

Sea-90 is derived from un-polluted ocean water containing 85-92 naturally balanced trace

minerals. Created through a solar dehydration process- removing all water and never diluted by

any rainfall- insures that all the vital minerals and trace elements are in the perfect proportions

and quantities. Sea-90 solubilizes to disburse a full spectrum of vital trace elements into the soil.

By adding Sea-90 into your growing regiment, you will increase the levels of vitamins, sugars

and proteins in your plant. Used in both soil and hydroponic growing conditions for maximum

yields! Energy straight from the sea.




Organic Solution’s Humate is sourced from the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico from

the Fruitland Formation. It is known for being among the best in the world. It contains a high

Fulvic acid content, low heavy metals and low moisture. Humate is a highly compressed and

naturally organic humus, (the decayed remains of tropical rain forests). Adding Humates is one

of the most efficient ways of increasing the humus content of soil! This terraceutical will give you

increased root growth, improves your soil’s water retention, enhances natural defenses and aids

in increased nutrient uptake. Restore natural balance and achieve optimal plant growth. Our

humate comes in a granulated dry powder form that is completely water soluble for all of your

growing needs. Highly concentrated- a little goes a long way!




Organic Solution’s Myccorhizae is a micronized mycorrhizal powder inoculum that works great

in soil and hydroponic mediums. It consists of a blend of spores and endomycorrhizal fungi

species that build a natural microbial system in the root zone which greatly enhances plant

growth and tolerance of environmental extremes.

It also increases the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving soil structure

and plant yields. Myccorhizae is a symbiotic relationship between plants and their roots. Being

that it’s much smaller than the plant roots Myccorhizae can inhabit a greater area of soil,

providing a larger surface area for moisture and nutrient absorption!

Whether you are creating your own soil blend for your starts or are transplanting be sure to use

Organic Solution’s Myccorhizae.



Insect Frass:

Insect Frass is an organic fertilizer/soil amendment derived from the excrement (poop) of

herbivore insects, providing high quality nutrition for plants and soils. Insect Frass has the

added benefit of acting as a natural bio-pesticide/ biological defense for your plants. The

presence of chitin triggers an “auto-immune” response in plants causing the plant to defend

itself from pests and pathogens! Plants will sense chitin concentrations and will respond as if

they are being infested and eaten by insects. As a natural bio-pesticide Chitin and chitosan has

been recognized to help defend plants against grey mold, powdery mildew, early and late blight,

root rot and root-feeding nematodes. A natural super hero to protect your plants!



Grower’s Blend:

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