Great ideas never get old. Organic Solution’s SuperChar is a 21st Century application of

an age-old soil solution. At its core is Biochar- a natural amendment that improves soil

structure, reduces erosion and is the only amendment to last hundreds of years in your

soil. Here’s how it works: BioChar is a fine-grain charcoal material whose structure is a

microscopic honeycomb. Each tiny compartment provides a permanent home for beneficial

soil bacteria while also storing moisture and fundamental nutrients. Organic Solution’s

SuperChar is 80% biochar pre-inoculated with our worm castings, humate, rock dust,

crab shell and Ambrosia. The super charged pores now have no reason to pull existing

nutrients from the soil, allowing for an immediate uptake from your plants! The improved

structure of SuperChar amended soil not only reduces your fertilizer requirements, it also

modifies the climatic and environmental impacts on your land. SuperChar creates a soil

carbon pool that is carbon-negative!

Superchar 6 quart $19.95 retail, with shipping $32.00

Superchar 12 quartt $29.95 retail, with shipping $42.00

Superchar 25 quart $44.95 retail, with shipping $57.00  

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